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Were You Injured In A Wrong Way Driver Accident? Our Compassionate Attorneys Are Here To Help.

It is truly devastating that head-on collisions are as frequent as they are and can be so deadly. Unfortunately, drivers often lack time to react and avoid crashes. The installation of systems that alert drivers when they are entering a highway in the wrong direction has been mandated by Governor Ned Lamont in a bill signed into law. This is implemented by the Connecticut Department of Transportation (CTDOT). Since 2020, the CTDOT has been actively implementing cutting-edge technology on exit ramps to detect and signal red LED lights for wrong-way driving. These systems can provide real-time notifications to the Connecticut State Police.

If you’ve been hurt and need to seek compensation for a wrong way car accident, it is essential to first establish the root cause of the collision. Our knowledgeable personal injury lawyers at The Maddox Law Firm, LLC, can assist you in identifying the at-fault driver and ensuring they are held responsible. Call us today at 203-298-3154 to discuss your options in an initial consultation.

Common Causes Of Wrong Way Car Accidents

The following are common factors that lead to wrong way crashes:

Drunk driving: Operating a car while intoxicated is dangerous and reckless and can lead to disastrous outcomes. The consumption of alcohol significantly impairs one’s cognitive and motor skills, making it challenging to gauge one’s surroundings and actions. Consequently, drunk drivers are at fault for many automobile accidents, including driving on the wrong side of the road. To avoid such potential harm, it is strongly advised to abstain from driving after consuming alcohol. Instead, it would be prudent to enlist the assistance of a friend or utilize rideshare services to ensure a safe return home.

Traveling in an unknown area: Sometimes, driving in the wrong direction may not necessarily result from carelessness but rather from unfamiliarity with the area. Researching and planning the route before embarking on it is advisable to avoid mistakes that may lead to accidents. However, if an accident does happen, it may be necessary to seek compensation for the damage incurred.

Vehicle malfunction: It has been observed that older vehicles face a greater risk of being involved in a wrong way crash. This is primarily due to the increased likelihood of malfunctions in such cars. Therefore, it is highly recommended that one ensures regular vehicle maintenance to avoid any serious accidents. This proactive approach will ensure the safety of the driver, passengers and other road users.

Facing the consequences of a wrong way car accident is an arduous task. To alleviate your burden, collaborate with our team of wrong way car accident attorneys.

Steps To Take After A Wrong Way Car Accident

Wrong way car accident cases are far from being simple matters. The absence of accountability does not automatically entitle you to compensation. To improve your likelihood of obtaining compensation following a wrong way car accident, you must take the following steps:

  1. Examine both yourself and your passengers for any injuries.
  2. Dial 911 to alert law enforcement and secure an ambulance for any injuries that may have been sustained.
  3. Inquire about the other driver’s well-being and request their contact, insurance and registration information.
  4. Collecting evidence is crucial! Take pictures and record videos of the scene. Be sure to capture the positioning of the cars in the wrong way crash. Speak to nearby witnesses and record their accounts of the incident, asking for their contact details and names before they leave.
  5. Obtain the officers’ names and contact information for future reference.
  6. Without delay, schedule an appointment with a medical professional to examine any potential injuries thoroughly.
  7. Hire a wrong way car accident personal injury law firm to maximize the benefits of pursuing a personal injury claim.

Our team at The Maddox Law Firm gathers evidence, speaks to your insurer, calculates damages and negotiates with the party who may be responsible for the accident so you can focus on recovering from injuries.

Experienced, Caring Injury Representation You Can Rely On

If you have been involved in a wrong way car accident in Connecticut, you can count on The Maddox Law Firm to offer you experienced legal assistance and personalized attention. To tell us your story and learn how we can help, call us at 203-298-3154 or submit an online contact form. Hablamos español. Nous parlons français.


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