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Serious, Sophisticated Defense Against Connecticut Arson Charges

Suppose you are facing an arson charge in Connecticut. In that case, you are accused of intentionally setting fire to your or someone else’s property or acting recklessly, resulting in property damage or injury caused by fire.

When charged with reckless conduct, individuals may be unaware that they have committed this crime, despite knowledge of the fire. In Connecticut, arson is a severe offense that can lead to years of imprisonment and substantial fines. Don’t face this challenge alone. Instead, contact our experienced criminal defense team at The Maddox Law Firm, LLC Call 203-298-3154 today to schedule your initial consultation.

Arson Charges Carry A Wide Range Of Penalties

Arson in the second degree is a serious offense and carries a Class B felony charge under section 53a-112. Anyone who intentionally starts a fire or causes an explosion to damage or destroy a building is subject to this charge. The gravity of this crime is amplified if it threatens anyone’s physical safety or is committed to conceal another crime or violate someone’s constitutional rights.

Arson in the first degree, a Class A felony, is defined under section 53a-100 as starting a fire with intent or causing an explosion to damage or destroy a building. This crime is even more severe if the structure is occupied or inhabited, if anyone is injured as a result, if it is committed to collect insurance money, or if it puts a peace officer or firefighter’s life in danger.

Arson in the third degree lowers the category to a C felony and alleges the intentional starting of a fire. Still, recklessness is the state of mind of the alleged perpetrator concerning resultant property damage. At the same time, Reckless Burning, a Class D felony, contains the subtle difference of placing a building or property at risk of damage by fire.

As is often the case in Connecticut criminal charges, the intent or state of mind of the accused is a pivotal element of the crime. Was there a genuine intent to start a fire or to damage property? Can the state of Connecticut meet its burden of proof?

We can help. Our highly knowledgeable defense attorneys will assess the circumstances of your arrest and determine whether your actions meet the legal definition of arson.

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It may feel overwhelming when you look at all the possible charges that can be brought against you, but it is important to remember that these charges vary tremendously and that you are innocent until proven guilty. With an experienced lawyer on your side, you can analyze evidence, establish a strategy and fight accusations.

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