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We Will Work To Protect Your Driving Privileges When Charged With Reckless Driving

If you’ve been charged with reckless driving in Connecticut, you’re probably very worried about how it may impact your daily life, your work or your ability to attend school. What may also trouble you is how to define recklessness. Although there is no clear-cut definition under Connecticut criminal and motor vehicle law, recklessness is judged according to how a reasonable person might have acted under the same conditions as those alleged in your case.

If you’re currently facing face charges related to reckless driving in Connecticut, contact The Maddox Law Firm, Inc. Our team of experienced criminal defense attorneys will fight to dismiss or reduce your charges and penalties. We will gather all the incident details and evidence and compare them with law enforcement allegations and reports. We will require law enforcement to prove the accuracy of radar or laser speed detection devices when necessary. The most critical goal in defending reckless driving is preserving your driving privilege. We have the experience and the knowledge to exhaust every possibility to protect your driving privilege.

What Counts As Recklessness Behind The Wheel?

The primary question in a Connecticut reckless driving case is whether the accused acted in a way that disregarded a risk that was known or a risk that reasonably should have been perceived that placed others in danger of serious harm. The reckless driving statute includes language about operating a motor vehicle on a highway, road, or parking area for 10 or more cars.

Alleged reckless driving is observed and evaluated on the roadway by a police officer or state trooper. That behavior could include weaving in between lanes or changing lanes erratically. Circumstances that involve heavy traffic are different than light traffic. Reckless driving in the middle of the day might not be reckless driving in sparse traffic at another time or night.

One form of reckless driving is traveling at a speed that endangers the life of anyone other than the driver. When reckless driving is alleged based on speed, the allegation is that the operator was driving above 85 miles per hour. This is what is referred to as “per se” reckless driving.

Another per se reckless driving allegation is where a driver is operating a vehicle that the driver knows to have a defective mechanism.

Reckless driving charges often arise from distracted driving. Not paying attention to speed, road and traffic conditions makes us more likely to engage in reckless conduct. Remove distractions such as cellphones, food and beverages, and remember to focus.

Penalties Associated With A Reckless Driving Conviction

The court can impose penalties ranging from $100 to $300 and up to 30 days of imprisonment for first-time offenders. Repeat offenders face even harsher penalties, with the fine increasing to $600 and imprisonment up to one year.

The Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) will also suspend your license, with first-time offenders facing a minimum of 30 days suspension and subsequent offenders facing 60 days.

If you are convicted of reckless driving, you won’t be eligible for a Special Operator’s Permit or Special Use Permit, and alternative transportation must be arranged. Driving with a suspended license leads to even more severe penalties, including imprisonment, higher fines and a lengthier license suspension.

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