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Answers To Common Questions About Bail And Bond In Connecticut

You’ve just been arrested. What comes next? What are your options? What should you do? On this page, we have answered some of the most common questions our lawyers are asked regarding bail and bond. If you have questions or need representation, contact The Maddox Law Firm, to schedule an initial consultation. Just call 203-298-3154.

What happens after being arrested?

After you have been arrested and Connecticut police have gathered your information, you may have a bail hearing, also known as arraignment.

A bail hearing is when a judge decides whether you will be released from jail until your trial. At the bail hearing, the state prosecutor will tell the judge about the charges against you and why they think you should stay in jail until trial. If the state prosecutor does not have enough evidence against you, there is a chance that you will be released from jail on your own recognizance. However, if there is enough evidence against you, they may ask for a high bail amount or no bail at all.

What are bail and bond?

Bail is an amount of money set by Connecticut police, pretrial services staff, or judges. This ensures the arrested defendant returns to court if they are released from custody while awaiting trial.

If the defendant can’t pay the entirety of bail, a bond is posted by an approved Connecticut bonding agent.

When are bail and bond set?

The bail amount is set at the time of the arrest.

Connecticut law requires police to notify bail staff if the defendant can’t make the bond amount. Connecticut pretrial services staff will then conduct an interview to gather information from the defendant and review the set bond amount. Connecticut pretrial services staff can change the bond amount set depending on the defendant’s unique situation.

How do I post bail?

Bail can be posted at the police station or Department of Corrections Facility where the defendant is being held or a courthouse. You may pay with cash in full, utilize the 10% option, or work with a licensed bondsperson for a nonrefundable fee to post the defendant’s bail.

What is the 10% option?

The 10% bail option is available for $20,000 or less cases. However, depending on the case, a judge can decide not to allow a cash payment or remove the 10% option entirely.

If pretrial services staff previously changed the bond amount to $20,000 or less, the 10% option does not apply. If the bond amount was changed by Connecticut pretrial services staff to more than $20,000, the 10% option does not apply.

When do I get my bail money back?

If bail was posted in all cash or as a 10% option, you will receive your bail amount back if a diversionary program is granted for the defendant, the defendant is acquitted, the case is dismissed, or when the court sentences the defendant.

Why should I work with a bail and bond attorney?

Getting arrested can be stressful for anyone, even those with prior arrests. When arrested by surprise, it is often difficult to prepare in advance. When under stress, it is difficult to think rationally, which makes it much easier for mistakes to happen.

Our lawyers at The Maddox Law Firm cannot stress enough the importance of hiring a bail and bond law firm for this reason alone. Make this your immediate first step.

A tenacious and proficient bail and bond criminal defense law firm can help ensure all your constitutional rights are protected throughout the legal process. Our compassionate bond and bail attorneys can provide rigorous legal advice regarding your options and how to best pursue your criminal defense case.

The best way to handle an arrest is to remain silent and have your Connecticut bail and bond criminal defense attorney do the talking for you. That way, nothing can be used against you in court, including information that might seem harmless at first glance.

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