In Connecticut


civil lawsuits were

started in 2016* Click to learn more!


of juvenile cases

resulted in arrests* For year ending 6/30/2015, there were 10,527 delinquency matters and 4,269 family with service needs cases open in Connecticut. Juvenile arrests can have far reaching consequences for a child’s well-being and education.

There are


warrants in Connecticut

as of 12/31/2016* 40,628 Failure to Appear; 5,719 Violation of Probation

Personal Injury

Have You Been Seriously Injured?

  • When you’re facing serious injury, your worries can seem overwhelming.
  • Will you recover? How will your recovery affect your family?
  • How will you afford your health care expenses?
  • Will your life be forever changed? If so, how do you even begin to find the financial compensation that you and your family need?

Criminal Defense

Do You Need Criminal Defense?

  • Once you’ve been arrested for a DWI/DUI, Drug Crime, Assault, or another matter that requires criminal defense,your next decisions can have lifelong consequences.
  • What will happen to your reputation and your job? Your family? Your freedom? You need an attorney who knows how to handle a complicated situation when what matters to you most is on the line.
  • How do you know that your attorney has the necessary experience, results and ability to protect your freedom and your family?

Civil Litigation

Are You Involved In A Civil Case?

  • The anxiety, worry and financial threat of complex civil litigation causes many people to seek short term solutions instead of long term strategy.
  • Are your savings, your company or your assets being threatened by a lawsuit?
    Do you have to sue an individual or corporation that has breached a contract or engaged in deceptive business practices?
  • Your issues require the skill of an experienced trial law firm that knows how to protect you and your assets and recover what is rightfully yours.

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My experience with this law firm, they are very professional. I will definitely recommend them to my family and friends.
Camelta Florial
Camelta Florial
00:52 22 Mar 19
I highly recommend The Maddox Law Firm. The firms client service is exceptional. Attorney Maddox is dedicated to his clients and their plight. He is professional, fair, well spoken and extremely knowledgable.
Georgie Farrar
Georgie Farrar
20:21 21 Mar 19
I started with Matthew over 1 year ago and we attended court each month while he negotiated with the prosecutor. Then Stephen Lebedevitch took over my case and I can easily say that they were both spectacular. I felt understood and all of the information was continually shared with me. I do believe they did the best possible job in working with the prosecutor. I would highly recommend their firm should you need this kind of reputation.
James Avery
James Avery
16:52 21 Mar 19
Matthew and his team were an amazing help to me in a time of need. He was very straightforward, to the point, and handled a lot of my case without me even having to be involved. His services went above and beyond my expectations!
Laura K
Laura K
19:24 20 Mar 19
Being a Bail Bondsmen for over 12 yrs I have spent enough time in the Fairfield county courthouses to know quite well who the go to defense attorneys are and I will say with confidence that Attorney Maddox is definitely the right choice when hiring a defense attorney
Jonathan Barber
Jonathan Barber
07:47 08 Jan 19
My experience with Matthew and his law firm was above and beyond throughout the entire process. Having never dealt with a lawyer in the U.S apart from when I immigrated, I was anxious and it was not a path I wanted to venture down. Matthew and his team were a rock for me in an ugly situation and put me at ease with his knowledge and availability. I do not know how I would have faired without their professionalism and support. They totally changed my perceived notion on a lawyer and what they can do for you. I would recommend Matthew and his staff to anyone in their time of need. They truly care.
Hayden Lindsay
Hayden Lindsay
11:00 26 Oct 18
Attorney Maddox and his staff took care of everything for me. They are professional, honest and compassionate. I was treated with respect and consideration. I HIGHLY recommend this firm.
Carmen Ojeda
Carmen Ojeda
18:05 05 Sep 18
Attorney Matthew Maddox and his team are tremendously diligent, experienced and skilled professionals. They also happen to be some of the most thoughtful and kind individuals I’ve ever met, which I wasn’t expecting. I never expected to have need for a lawyer in the first place and was quite anxious at the prospect of hiring someone. I was quickly put at ease the moment I first met with the Maddox Law Firm team.Attorney Maddox always made himself available when I needed to speak with him and displayed a solid understanding of my rather complicated case. My situation was wrought with strife and stressful for me. All the while. Attorney Maddox remained strategic, focused and even keeled at all times (even when I wasn’t). He is the epitome of calm. I am grateful for all of the time, energy and hard work Attorney Maddox and his team put into my case. Attorney Maddox was relentlessly perseverant in advocating on my behalf, which resulted in a successful outcome (complete dismissal).I highly recommend The Maddox Law Firm.
Catherine London
Catherine London
09:11 28 Aug 18
Matthew Maddox Law Firm experience was awesome. Matthew and his staff are welcoming and very efficient. The process was effortless and I’m happy with his service. I Highly Recommend Attorney Maddox to anyone in need of a lawyer. For any reason Call Matthew Maddox Law Firm. They are the best.
Courtney Rodriguez
Courtney Rodriguez
21:12 02 Aug 18
I could not say greater things about my experience with the Maddox Law Firm. After my introductory phone call, I was in the door and working toward my needs within 20 minutes. Matthew and his team performed efficiently, effectively and professionally. Further, after meeting with the team and stepping into their office, I was confident I could trust Matthew and was in good hands (as trust is the most valuable thing to have between a client and his attorney). In the future, I will be recommending and utilizing the Maddox Law Firm for any legal matters. Thanks again to Matthew and his team.
Grayson Bubrosky
Grayson Bubrosky
20:07 14 May 18