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Criminal Defense: Business Owner Charged with Larceny

Connecticut consumers expect businesses to fulfill the services for which they are paid. However, as most business owners, especially building contractors know, unexpected situations can make it hard to meet deadlines. In some cases, a business owner might even be accused of abandoning a project altogether and fraudulent failing to pay back money.  

These situations call for a strong, experienced Connecticut criminal defense.

A recent example is that of a 49-year-old man, a pool company owner, who is currently facing multiple charges, including one for second-degree larceny. The company was apparently contracted to build a pool for a customer back in March, 2018.

At the start of the project, a $25,000.00 deposit was reportedly made. There was no written contract, and instead the owner and customer reportedly had a verbal agreement to draft one along with a full quote as soon as the customer secured the necessary permits.

The owner deposited the check in July 2018 after the permits were apparently acquired, but in what may have been a violation of the Connecticut Home Improvement Contractors Act, no contract was produced by the company owner.

Hospitals turn to nursing homes to help stop infections

Both hospitals and nursing homes in the state of California and Illinois are banding together in an effort to stop the spread of dangerous superbugs that are antibiotic-resistant and can kill thousands of people each year. The process is as simple as washing their patients with a special soap. The federal government's Centers for Disease Control and Prevention provided funding of around $8 million to help test the process at 50 facilities in the two states. 


The Growing Movement Against Cell Phone Use in Cars

Recently, three states adopted strict policies against cell phone use while driving. In Tennessee, drivers won’t be able to hold their phone while driving – regardless of whether they’re using the phone  for any actual purpose. Minnesota will enact a similar law in August and Illinois will do the same later this summer.

However, Connecticut already set a strong precedent against cell phone use over three years ago; the state’s law does not allow drivers to use a hand-held cell phone or electronic device while driving, including stopped at a traffic light.

Common causes of severe motor vehicle accidents

No matter how safely you drive your own car, other drivers' behaviors can drastically influence your risk of an accident. Here are two very common causes of serious motor vehicle accidents that can also lead to severe injuries and trauma.


Speeding drivers are a tremendous threat on the road. While many people think that speeding is OK, the fact is that speeding can have deadly consequences.

A driver who speeds has less time to apply the brakes, turn their car or take other actions to avoid a collision. People who drive at very high rates of speed are also more likely to cause accidents that involve catastrophic injuries and even death.

Brain Injury Symptoms Must Be Addressed Early in Your Personal Injury Case

Whether in a car accident or in an incident on another person's property, suffering a severe injury is usually a traumatic experience. However, not all injuries are as obvious and apparent as some might think. Brain injuries can be particularly difficult to identify, and victims in Connecticut may even mistakenly believe those symptoms are caused by something other than a brain injury. For those who have recently been involved in a serious accident or suffered a personal injury, here are some brain injury warning signs to watch out for.

Excessive drowsiness is a symptom of a serious brain injury, but it is one that is easy to miss. Victims may think they are just exhausted because of the stress of being in some type of accident, but experiencing unusual levels of exhaustion should never be ignored. Any accompanying confusion or loss of consciousness are also signs of a brain injury, and are not signs of simply being stressed out.

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