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Victims injured, killed in motor vehicle accident

A recent accident injured six people, one of whom died from her injuries. The head-on collision was so serious that two helicopters were called in to transport victims to the hospital. The motor vehicle accident also temporarily shut down a portion of a Connecticut state highway.

Police say that a 33-year-old woman who apparently caused the accident was the only person not injured. For reasons that are not entirely clear, she swerved out of her lane and into the path of oncoming traffic on Route 4. A 70-year-old man was driving the oncoming car, which she then hit head-on.

3 Things For you to Know In Order to Handle Your Connecticut Personal Injury Case By Yourself

The Maddox Law Firm represents people who are seriously injured in Connecticut accidents. We've written about this and what "seriously injured" means. Serious injuries involve complicated clinical histories which also involve a complicated and prolonged legal fight over financial compensation.

How are traumatic brain injuries classified?

After finding out about a loved one’s traumatic brain injury (TBI), you are probably concerned about how serious the injury is and how it may affect them. Although these may seem like straightforward questions, they do not always involve straightforward answers. This is because every brain injury is unique and can affect each person differently.

Health care professionals are likely to classify each TBI in one of two ways. Understanding these classifications can help you better understand how your loved one’s injury may impact them, their daily life, their work and their relationships.

Motor vehicle accidents cause more than physical injuries

Car accidents frequently injure and even kill the people who are involved. It can be difficult to really understand the devastating aftermath without experiencing it firsthand, so this probably feels like an abstract concept to Connecticut drivers who have never been in an accident. Even you might not have realized just how serious motor vehicle accidents are until you were hit by another driver.

Data from the Connecticut Department of Public Health shows that car accidents are one of the most common causes of injury-related deaths. Victims just like you who do survive often end up with more than just physical injuries. You might be experiencing emotional trauma from the accident itself is common, and ongoing pain and suffering only complicates your situation.

Criminal defense: 18-year-old arrested for burglary

Most people in Connecticut make at least one poor decision during their teenage years, but not everyone faces criminal charges as a result. Police in New Canaan recently arrested an 18-year-old for allegedly breaking into an area supermarket. Although police believe three other people were involved, he was the only one arrested. The young man has since posted his $1,000 bond and is expected back in court on Jan. 15, 2020. It is likely that he may already be considering his criminal defense options as this date approaches.

Police were first alerted to a possible situation when one of the store's burglar alarms went off at approximately 2:45 a.m. Police officers responded to the scene a short while later and say saw four men near the loading dock. They were allegedly spotted holding various items from the store.

Personal injury claims: Common car accident injuries

Being in a car accident is an emotionally traumatizing event. Victims in Connecticut may struggle to get behind the wheel again or even ride along as a passenger. This may be even more difficult for those who suffered serious injuries. Here are just a few injuries commonly associated with car accidents for which victims might need to file personal injury claims.

Of all accident-related injuries, head injuries are some of the most dangerous. Traumatic brain injuries can cause both short-term and long-term cognitive problems, and hearing and vision loss are also not uncommon. It is not only severe brain injuries that cause life-long problems, either. Even seemingly mild injuries like concussions can have lasting damage. The brain is such an essential part of the human body, and any injury may lead to devastating consequences.

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