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Negligent Property Owners Can Be Held Liable For Accidents On Their Premises

We must start with this – The Maddox Law Firm, Inc., is not a “trip-and-fall” or “slip-and-fall” law firm. We represent people who are seriously injured, and in premises liability cases, we fight for seriously injured people suffering directly due to a property defect. The people who seek our advocacy specifically and exclusively identify the defect as the sole cause of their injury. This is one of the threshold questions that anyone who brings a Connecticut premises liability claim must be able to demonstrate.

Now that we’ve cleared that up, you should also know that you won’t find a law firm that combines our level of experience, skill, and relentlessness with equal measures of compassion and attention to your needs.

If you’ve been seriously injured in a Connecticut defective property accident, you almost certainly suffer from significant physical discomfort and pain. You may have suffered one or more fractures, a concussion, and other serious injuries. Your life and work have been put on hold, and you’ve turned to us for help. If you suffer from a severe injury and other losses due to a hazardous or defective condition on another person’s property in Connecticut, you can seek compensation. What many people think should be a straightforward process is anything but. Intelligent preparation, including gathering evidence, witness interviews, and analysis of the property’s history, is mandatory if you will prevail and receive optimal compensation.

Property Owners Owe A Duty Of Care

Homeowners, commercial property owners, and managers must keep their properties safe for the reasonable uses that the properties are intended. Anyone lawfully entering and remaining upon a property can expect that property to be reasonably free of known defects and defects that the owner should have known about. Failure to correct known defects or those that the property owner or manager should have known about gives rise to liability when a serious injury occurs as a direct result of the defect.

A homeowner or commercial property owner or manager may attempt to deny or reduce their liability by claiming that you or someone else is at fault for the accident. You should be able to explain in detail how the accident occurred, where you were looking when it happened, what you were wearing, lighting conditions, and every aspect of the accident to defeat a defense of comparative negligence.

Examples Of Premises Liability Claims Our Firm Has Handled

We have represented clients injured in the following ways:

Example one: A fall into a large, uncovered HVAC air intake that resulted in multiple fractures and scarring.

Example two: A fall down ice-covered stairs that the property owner was required to clear and had the opportunity to do so. It failed to make safe or warn residents, which resulted in a severely fractured ankle and surgical correction.

Example three: A fall from a defective ladder that was in disrepair and resulted in a femur fracture.

Example four: Slip and fall on ice formed after a third-party contractor had sprayed water from a hose in freezing temperature conditions, resulting in severe hip and spinal cord injuries.

In cases like those above, clients have the right to seek compensation for damages that may include:

  • Past and future medical expenses
  • Past and future lost income
  • Permanent impairment of earning capacity
  • Physical, emotional, and psychological pain
  • Lost quality of life, for example, due to the inability to participate in sports, exercise, and hobbies

Do not quietly endure your losses caused by a property owner’s negligence. Our legal team gathers evidence, speaks with witnesses, and consults experts. The Maddox Law Firm has 70+ years of combined Connecticut Superior Court litigation experience.

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Our premises liability attorneys at The Maddox Law Firm treat our clients with utmost respect and compassion. We are dedicated to going above and beyond for you and your loved ones, advocating for your rights, and pursuing the compensation that is owed to you.

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