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Let Us Help You Seek Justice If Your Child Was Injured By Negligence

For the people we represent, it is less about money than holding people responsible for accidents and injuries that have caused real long-term pain, – physically, emotionally and financially. When our children are injured, we suffer with them; our anguish can be overwhelming.

Our attorneys at The Maddox Law Firm, have seen it all too often: Kids are playing and having fun when they are suddenly involved in a terrible accident that can change their lives. Or, they’re seat-belted and seemingly secure with you in the car, and without any warning, another driver crashes into your car. The next thing you know, police and emergency medical services are on the scene. It’s a nightmare. Thankfully, attorneys like our firm are ready to advocate aggressively for you and your children.

Common Child Injury Scenarios And How Parents Can Respond

Children’s injuries from accidents can include:

  • Recreation and sports injuries: These types of accidents are most often caused by lack of supervision, inadequately trained staff, malfunctioning or broken equipment and defective and dangerous property such as fields and courts;
  • Daycare accidents and injuries: Involving negligent or abusive workers, unsanitary and dangerous conditions and inadequate staffing;
  • Auto accidents: In which children are seriously injured; sometimes due to lack of seatbelts or car seats, and most often simply due to the negligence or recklessness of other drivers;
  • School bus injuries: Caused by poorly trained drivers, drivers with a previous history of moving violations, intoxicated or distracted drivers, and wrong location drop-off;
  • Poisoning: Caused by improperly stored or handled chemicals.

After a child’s injury, it is important for you to pay close attention to what your child is communicating. This can be difficult for children younger than their speaking age, but changes will usually be apparent. What differences are they showing in behavior, demeanor, posture and coordination? What physical symptoms are they experiencing because of the accident? How have they been psychologically impacted?

Your child may be more sensitive to injury than you realize. After an accident, your child may complain about symptoms that are not related to the accident. However, all complaints should be taken seriously, especially if they have not been present before. If you suspect that a child has been injured, but they say they’re fine, that shouldn’t be the end of the conversation. Instead, remind them how important it is to tell you if something hurts and what exactly hurts so that you can help them get better as quickly as possible. Do not delay consulting a physician, regardless of whether you believe your child’s symptoms are related to the accident or not.

Our Attorneys Listen And Care – Reach Out Today For A Free Discussion Of Your Legal Options

At The Maddox Law Firm, we help Connecticut families through the overwhelming experience of child-injury accidents and their aftermath. We remove legal obstacles so that you and your child can focus on recovery and so that we can find the way toward the life that was intended for your child. Families with children who are seriously injured have legal recourse. Seek help from an experienced legal team who can explain exactly how the law protects children from negligent individuals and people who act with deliberate intent to harm children.

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