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There’s No Such Thing As A Minor Motorcycle Accident

If you or someone you know is a motorcyclist, you know the joy of cruising along Connecticut’s scenic roads on two wheels. However, many automobile drivers are unaware of the threat they pose when they share the road with motorcyclists. Statistics show motorcyclists are 26 times more likely to be injured in a crash than conventional car operators or passengers. After being seriously injured in a Connecticut motorcycle crash, contact our skilled attorneys at  The Maddox Law Firm. We are ready to help you seek full and fair compensation.

Why Motorcycle Accidents Are So Common And Catastrophic

It’s important to wear protective clothing and gear, but there is still no guarantee that you will be protected in a  collision with a car or truck. Road hazards and other drivers can cause problems at any time. Common causes of motorcycle accidents include:

  • Unsafe lane changes;
  • Driving under the influence (DUI/DWI);
  • Failure to obey traffic control signals (such as running a red light);
  • Failure to yield right of way at an intersection;
  • Common negligence and inattentiveness.

When you have been injured through no fault of your own, we understand that it can feel like you are alone in the world. Tragically, motorcycle accidents are medically and sometimes forensically complicated. We immerse ourselves in the work that is required to safeguard your rights and your future.

We Are Prepared For Whatever Your Case Requires

Our work includes “boots on the ground” investigation, gathering and preservation of evidence and the earliest stage preparation for trial. Why do we begin preparing for trial immediately? Because we know that is the best way to put you in the strongest possible position – either through settlement or trial.

We want you to focus on your recovery. Your job is to follow your health care provider’s advice and instructions. While you do that, we:

  • Investigate and collect evidence;
  • Gather, review and analyze your health care records;
  • Establish your legal strategy;
  • Manage insurance companies and their representatives;
  • Prepare for mediation, arbitration or trial.

You can expect timely communication, honesty and integrity throughout your time with us. We recognize the trauma and stress that are caused by a motorcycle accident. From broken bones to paralysis and sometimes death, our legal team will do everything possible to recover the maximum compensation for you and your family.

Don’t Wait To Seek Legal Help – Get Started For Free

Do not let a motorcycle accident prevent you from continuing to live a fulfilling and successful life. The negligent party must be held accountable. Our diverse legal team at The Maddox Law Firm, uses top-tier resources to fight for those who need it most – you. To schedule your free initial consultation contact our firm online or call 203-298-3154.


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