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A Diversion Program Can Help You Favorably Resolve Connecticut Criminal Charges

At The Maddox Law Firm, LLC, we believe in giving clients all the information they need to resolve their criminal charges as favorably as possible. When you contact us for an initial consultation, one of our attorneys can discuss the possibility of participating in one of Connecticut’s numerous diversion programs.

Individuals accused of violating laws but willing to participate in a rehabilitation program can avoid trial and have their charges dismissed. These programs are designed to help them receive the support they need and reduce the likelihood of reoffending. If they successfully complete the program, their record will be cleared of any charges. However, they will face trial on the original charges if they fail to complete the program or violate its requirements.

Diversion Programs Offered In Connecticut

In the state of Connecticut, there are eight pretrial diversionary programs, each with its own set of eligibility criteria and objectives. They are listed below in the order that they appear in the statutes:

  1. Suspension of prosecution for individuals undergoing treatment for drug or alcohol dependence
  2. Suspension of prosecution for illegal sale, delivery, or transfer of firearms, including certain types of ammunition and magazines
  3. Pretrial family violence education program
  4. Accelerated Pretrial Rehabilitation
  5. Pretrial Impaired Driving Intervention Program
  6. Pretrial Drug Intervention and Community Service Program
  7. Pretrial School Violence Prevention Program
  8. Pretrial supervised diversionary program for people with psychiatric disabilities and certain veterans

According to the law, the court has the authority to determine whether a defendant who satisfies the program’s requirements can participate while simultaneously suspending their prosecution. To participate, the defendant must relinquish their right to a speedy trial and agree to a tolling of the statute of limitations.

Typically, the court will place you under the supervision of the Court Support Services Division (CSSD) for a specific period, during which you must comply with specific conditions set by the court. CSSD is responsible for running some programs or contracting with private providers, while others require the involvement of the Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services (DMHAS) and other relevant agencies.

Options Available In Certain Community Courts

In Hartford and Waterbury community courts, individuals who have committed misdemeanor or ordinance violations may be able to complete community service as an alternative to serving jail time, provided they plead guilty. This is in accordance with CGS § 51-181c. Additionally, there are other programs available that offer alternatives to imprisonment, such as counseling or treatment.

These options allow you to address the underlying issues that led to your offenses and ultimately avoid further involvement with the criminal justice system.

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