In Civil Litigation, Criminal Defense

An emergency is a serious, unexpected, and usually a dangerous situation that requires an immediate response.  Think “911”.

In our practice at the Maddox Law Firm, LLC, an emergency is one in which a client’s freedom, safety, or property, including money, are under immediate threat of loss.

When that happens, it’s all hands on deck.  Man the battle stations.   That means we march into the breach, step in front of our client with our arms outstretched, and we face the threat; whether it’s law enforcement or an overreaching corporation or insurance company.

And once we’ve faced the threat and launched our court pleadings and motions missiles, people listen.

What we understand and part of what makes our representation powerful, is that we don’t manufacture an emergency or make a problem into a crisis.  That’s because lawyers who do that lose credibility, influence and effectiveness.  And their clients do worse; they simply lose.

The Maddox Law Firm attorneys have nearly thirty five years of collective experience in the practice of law; by that we mean trial law, fighting every day for our clients’ rights. 

We are in this fight for the long term.  We protect, advocate and defend on everything that matters to our clients, our people.

Because nothing is unimportant in our practice, and because when we say that something is an emergency or that our client is under threat, we get attention.   You won’t find us crying wolf, declaring an emergency and then wonder where we went.    We’ll be right in front of you.