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It’s Wednesday, September 6th  and it’s raining this afternoon in southwestern Connecticut.  The forecast is for as much as an inch of rain overnight and tomorrow.  The local weather forecasters predict localized flooding and ponding on roadways.  Traffic will be slowed and accidents will ensue, but it’s impossible to look at our weather and not think about Texas and Florida.

Imagine almost 52 inches of rain all in the course of only a couple of days.  51.88 inches of rain fell in Cedar Bayou, Texas last week.

Please register to volunteer with a relief organization such as the Red Cross.  Another organization, which is headquartered locally that comes to mind is Americares.  Donate whatever you can for relief to victims of Hurricane Harvey and now, victims of Hurricane  Irma.

We can all be sure that more storms, and more giant storms will descend upon us, including here in the Northeast.  Between climate change and the stark financial inability of governments to provide the massive relief that is required in the wake of these storms, we will have to organize and help ourselves.

Please volunteer and donate.  And lend a hand to your neighbors.


Joe Arpaios Pardon