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Know Your Legal Options When Charged With Wire Fraud In Connecticut

Facing accusations of wire fraud can be a daunting experience, and a conviction for this type of white collar crime can have severe and lasting consequences. A felony record resulting from a wire fraud conviction can make securing employment, credit, or housing difficult and impact your life in many ways.

To give yourself the best chances of a successful outcome in your case, you must seek the help of a highly skilled criminal defense attorney like those at The Maddox Law Firm, LLC Our lawyers have a proven track record of successfully defending against various types of wire fraud at both the state and federal levels, and we will work tirelessly to safeguard your rights and protect your future.

The Penalties For A Wire Fraud Conviction Can Be Harsh

Fraudulent transactions typically entail dishonest actions or deliberate misrepresentation for financial gain. Connecticut wire fraud charges can result in heavy fines of up to $250,000, a minimum of five years in jail or both. When convicted of wire fraud in Connecticut, individuals must make restitution by paying back any ill-gotten gains. This is a court-ordered and enforced sentence. Failure to comply with payment requirements may result in additional criminal charges. Payment may be required over several years.

It is not uncommon for Connecticut wire fraud cases to involve state and federal charges simultaneously. You may face severe penalties if involved in a wire fraud case that crosses state lines. To protect yourself and your future, enlist the help of our Connecticut wire fraud criminal defense team as soon as possible.

Reach Out Today For Tough, Tenacious Defense Representation

If you are facing wire fraud charges, especially those that involve complex federal elements, your wire fraud attorneys understand that multiple factors and parties can contribute to these charges. The Maddox Law Firm can help you develop the most robust defense strategy possible.

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