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Get Answers To Your Questions About Criminal Impersonation Charges In Connecticut

If you have ever pretended to be someone else in order to get money, information or cause injury to another person, you may be guilty of criminal impersonation. Connecticut criminal impersonation is a very serious crime that can have lasting consequences for your future. Criminal impersonation charges can come with serious penalties including fines and jail time.

On this page, we’ve provided answers to common questions about criminal impersonation. After reading, consider contacting our skilled attorneys at The Maddox Law Firm, to discuss your case and learn how we can help you.

How will it impact my life to have a criminal record?

Criminal records are something that employers, landlords, creditors and even immigration officials look at when making decisions about who they want to hire or rent to. It can also restrict you from receiving government benefits or student loans. Even if you were found not guilty or the charges were dropped, the court will still release your information to the public for seven years after the end of your case.

What constitutes criminal impersonation?

This offense may involve:

  • Pretending to be someone else and assuming their character
  • Pretending to be a representative of a person or organization
  • Pretending to be a public servant of any emergency services or public protection (i.e., state marshal, police officer, doctor, firefighter). Wearing any uniform, badge or shield without authority)
  • Impersonation through an electronic device (i.e., text or email phishing scams)

All accusations are serious, which is why it is important to speak with an experienced defense attorney.

What are the penalties for a criminal impersonation conviction?

Connecticut criminal impersonation penalties vary depending on what your intent was at the time of the crime.

How do I fight my criminal impersonation charges?

You and your defense attorney will review all evidence against you and begin building your case. Our criminal impersonation defense attorneys will also find witnesses who can testify on your behalf, in addition to locating and reviewing any potential evidence that may support your claim of innocence and prove your version of events. We leave no stone unturned for our clients.

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