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Possible careers may not be available with a criminal record

On Behalf of | May 20, 2021 | Criminal Defense

In most cases, having a criminal record negatively impacts your ability to work. The ways in which a person in Connecticut is affected by having a criminal record will vary depending on the industry or sector. Read below to learn more about the effects of having a criminal record.

Federal agencies prohibit having a criminal record for certain occupations

Examples of licenses that most federal agencies heavily regulate include licenses for industries such as aviation, nuclear energy, broadcasting and wastewater management. According to the Fair Credit Reporting Act, however, these agencies can only access your personal arrest records for up to seven years before they are permanently expunged. Additionally, certain states have made it illegal for an employer to inquire about your past arrests. Therefore, if you have a criminal record, you may want to consider moving to a state with more protections, such as New York or Wisconsin, if you are looking to make a career change.

Most health care occupations are off the table if you have a criminal record

While this may seem obvious, it is still worth mentioning. Most health care occupations will be difficult to start a career in because they involve working with some of the most vulnerable populace: the elderly, the disabled or the children.

It is unlikely that you will get a public service job with a criminal record

Public sector jobs involve thorough background checks. While simply having a criminal record isn’t necessarily grounds for preventing you from serving, the federal government must take certain factors related to your criminal record into account. For example, officials may consider the seriousness of the crimes committed as well as how relevant those crimes are to the job that you are applying for. Public service jobs include security work, law enforcement and other criminal defense roles.

If you happen to have a criminal record, there are other options for finding steady employment. For example, if the court later finds you to be not guilty, you can receive a Certificate of Actual Innocence. To learn more about the effects on your career with a criminal record, speak with a defense attorney.