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Party goer arrested for DWI

On Behalf of | Apr 7, 2020 | Criminal Defense

A Connecticut man was recently released from police custody after posting his $200 bond. He was arrested in the early hours of the morning on two different charges, including DWI. The driver supposedly told police that he had attended a party the night before where he had been drinking alcohol.

Police were first made aware of a situation involving the man at approximately 4:40 a.m., when a homeowner called to say that a man kept ringing his or her doorbell. Authorities responded to the home and then located the 28-year-old man soon after. It was at that point that the driver disclosed where he had been before getting behind the wheel of his vehicle and crashing it into a guardrail. After that, he got out and started ringing the doorbell at a nearby home.

The driver apparently failed a field sobriety test, at which time he was arrested. Police also looked into the area of the crash and found that there was significant damage to nearly 30 feet of guardrail as well as many trees. His car was also seriously damaged, although the details of that damage were not made clear.

In addition to his drunk driving charge, authorities also charged him with failure to maintain his lane. Taking timely action is important when facing serious criminal allegations such as these. DWI charges tend to proceed quickly, and defendants in Connecticut can lose driving privileges even without being convicted. With so much on the line, speaking with an experienced attorney can be helpful for some.