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Connecticut Juvenile, Underage and Young Adult Defense

On Behalf of | Sep 16, 2019 | Criminal Defense, Drug Crimes

A Connecticut juvenile, underage or young adult arrest can launch the emotions and fears of an entire family. It is a time of tremendous worry and anxiety.

Families who come to The Maddox Law Firm after a juvenile, adolescent or young family member has been arrested require sensitivity, broad knowledge and legal experience as well as a substantial reserve of compassion.

Representing the younger person who finds themselves caught up in the legal system also requires knowledge of and ready access to a team of other professionals. That team is essential to The Maddox Law Firm‘s mission to not only solve our young client’s current legal problem, but also find a durable solution so that they can put their arrest behind them and thrive.

We LOVE this work. There is an urgency combined with exciting opportunity when we represent a juvenile or youth and their family.

Because we have a chance to make a lasting impact. It’s a chance to correct our young client’s current course and introduce them and their family to previously undiscovered tools and resources that can lead to real success.

I often say that the legal problem, as daunting as it may be to a young person and their family, is kind of the easy part. We know Connecticut juvenile law and procedure as well as the criminal law that that can at first seem to threaten a young person’s future.

But, navigating through the courts is only half the battle. It’s also about working with families and other professionals to identify what led them to our office.

It’s about finding a cure, which when it’s found and our legal prescriptions are followed, can lead to thrilling results.

If your young family member has been summoned to juvenile court or is arrested and headed to adult criminal court, please call us. Durable solutions are our goal and our mission every day. And finding that durable solution for Connecticut juveniles, adolescents and young adults drives and inspires every one of us at The Maddox Law Firm.

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