The attorneys at The Maddox Law Firm provide powerful and relentless advocacy in Fairfield County and throughout the State of Connecticut.

In Order to Better Serve You While Concerns over COVD-019 Continue, The Maddox Law Firm is Happy to Conduct Consultations by Phone, Via Skype or Other Video. Documents can also be reviewed and signed electronically.

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Teaching Our Community About The Legal System

Approximately 17 or more years ago, our caseload began to reflect a significant shift in our client profiles. Adolescents and their families were coming to our firm in growing numbers with often complicated social and clinical histories that had triggered an arrest.

Alcohol and drug use was figuring more and more prominently in increasingly younger clients. Families weren’t being adequately informed or educated. In the face of these changes, Matthew Maddox began to look for ways to lend his voice to prevention.

The same drive to advocate for our clients drove Matthew’s desire to educate and inform families about crucially important social and other issues, including underage drinking, substance abuse, and topics that bear directly on how and whether our communities thrive.

Matthew feels that public speaking has given him the privilege of reaching larger numbers of families and adolescents at venues throughout the state. It also allows him and The Maddox Law Firm team to fulfill a passion for delivering balanced, unbiased information to those same families through our firm and through Informed Ascent, LLC.

Information, data, dialogue and debate. Public speaking and the format that we follow for our events engage our audience from the very start and throughout every presentation. We keep our audience involved through lively, purposeful methods that make our events truly collaborative.

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