Providing Litigation Services For Connecticut Businesses

The Maddox Law Firm is always happy to be able to help people and companies manage and resolve difficult and complex problems. But, the reality is that very often, if an amicable resolution isn't readily apparent when a serious and complex legal dispute arises, aggressive representation combined with "big-picture" strategy is what must be applied in order to find answers. This is what The Maddox Law Firm, LLC, does.

Choose a law firm that knows Connecticut Practice and Procedure. Join a team that understands how to extract the most and best information from the discovery process. Make absolutely sure that your lawyer isn't simply a "business" attorney, but a business lawyer who knows how to investigate evidence and examine and cross-examine witnesses in depositions or at trial. The Maddox Law Firm, LLC, protects, advocates and defends with an eye always focused on preparing for trial, which is also the best way to win a settlement before trial.

Thorough Representation For Contract And Business Disputes

Litigation that develops from alleged breach of contract or business disagreements can very often be traced to the documents or lack of documents that had once been part of an amicable and optimistic relationship. In order to effectively fight for people and businesses that find themselves in complex litigation involving the potential for significant financial loss, a civil litigation lawyer has to start at the beginning:

  • Who drafted the contract?
  • Is the contract or business agreement one-sided?
  • Is there evidence that one or the other party exercised unfair or even deceptive control over money or other assets?

Your law firm should have the experience and vision to identify these issues and know how bring them to light so that you can win.

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The Maddox Law Firm, LLC, Can Help Resolve Your Commercial Dispute

With decades of experience litigating in the Superior Court throughout Connecticut, our team has the depth of knowledge and the trial experience to advocate relentlessly for you and deliver either the settlement or the financial verdict that you deserve.

We can help find the best possible solution. Arrange a free consultation at our New Canaan office or at our other offices across southwest Connecticut by calling 203-457-3131. You may also send us an email through our website.

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