A Long History Of Success

Personal Injury, January 2019

Fall from balcony results in injuries to teen, settles in six figures, after defendant’s credibility damaged tremendously in deposition

Criminal Defense, January 2019

Assault case sealed and prosecution diverted for Client with significant criminal history and prior probation

Criminal Defense, January 2019

Investigation of assault halted after The Maddox Law Firm intervenes and demonstrates to police that alleged evidence won’t support probable cause

Criminal Defense, December 2018

The Maddox Law Firm wins order to seal file and suspend prosecution on multiple gun charges, including assault weapons

Criminal Defense, December 2018

Narcotics case ordered sealed and prosecution stopped despite prior use of diversionary program and out-of-state convictions

Criminal Defense, November 2018

Larceny case dropped after The Maddox Law Firm demands security video that demonstrates client not guilty

Auto Accident, August 2018

On eve of trial, concussion case settles for 4 times original offer, despite client’s multiple prior concussions

Auto Accident, October 2018

Auto Accident case settles for five times original offer after Records review expert discredited

Criminal Defense, August 2018

Violation of Probation warrant withdrawn and criminal charges dropped against Client with felony record when the Maddox Law Firm demonstrates evidence too weak to proceed to trial

Auto Accident, August 2018

The Maddox Law Firm wins Motion to Strike, proves Defendant driver negligently stopped on highway, settles case for four times Original offer

Auto Accident, August 2018

Insurer had offered "zero" money for two years. Case settles for high five figures one day before trial after the Maddox Law Firm compels misleading and conflicting deposition testimony from multiple defendants

Auto Accident, July 2018

Truck accident case settles for three times original offer when violation of Interstate trucking regulations demonstrated by The Maddox Law Firm

Criminal Defense, July 2018

Case alleging child left in car ordered sealed and diverted from prosecution, headed to dismissal

Criminal Defense, July 2018

DWI Case: The Maddox Law Firm prevails DMV Per Se Hearing, wins full restoration of client’s driving privilege

Criminal Defense, July 2018

DWI case nolle’d after The Maddox Law Firm proves evidence and field sobriety test results too weak for State to proceed to trial

Personal Injury, June 2018

Personal Injury Case Settles for three times original offer after defense expert’s opinions dismantled in deposition

Auto Accident, August 2016

Six figure settlement

Criminal Defense, August 2016

The Maddox Law Firm obtains non-jail result for client whose prior lawyer had recommended two-year jail sentence

Criminal Defense, April 2016

DWI and OUS Penalties cut by half after the Maddox Law Firm replaces prior counsel

Criminal Defense, 2016

Fatal Accident with Distracted Driving Allegation Concluded with Infraction after Defense investigation Reveals Client not at fault

Criminal Defense, August 2015

Multiple juvenile cases, felony charges and violation of probation concluded with unconditional discharge.

Criminal Defense, April 2015

Gun and drug possession allegations concluded with pretrial diversionary programs

Sexual Assault, 2015

Allegation of date rape. Not Guilty

Personal Injury, October 2014

Six figure settlement for slip and fall on ice after key witness deposition revealed use of hose in below-freezing temperatures

Criminal Defense, November 2013

Gun Case ends in dismissal after The Maddox Law Firm demonstrates client was victim of domestic violence

Personal Injury, 2012

Judgment for $376,104.55 versus bar for injuries caused by bar employee

Personal Injury, 2011

Insurer settled for entire six figure insurance policy after pedestrian client struck by car

Criminal Defense, 2011

Multiple drug charges and Charge of Possession with Intent to Sell Concluded with Diversionary Program and Dismissals

Personal Injury, June 2010

$375k settlement for pedestrian knocked down by car in shopping center parking lot

Personal Injury, 2010

Six figure settlement for lower back disc herniation after auto accident